sageRegina is now just regina

sageRegina is now superseded by regina_wheels and available as just regina on pypi. Thanks to Nathan Dunfield and Marc Culler for automating the wheel building process.


sageRegina is a packaging of the triangulation software regina making its installation under SageMath as easy as running the following command in Linux:
    sage -pip install sageRegina==6.0.1 --log reginaInstall.log

Or typing the following command into a terminal under Mac OS X (without OpenSSL):
    sage -pip install --log reginaInstall.log

This will retrieve regina from pypi, respectively, and compile it in one to several hours and install it into a subdirectory of the one that sage is installed in. Regina is now ready to be used inside sage. Just start sage and type, for example:
    sage: import regina
    sage: t = regina.Example3.figureEight()
    sage: print(t.homology())

sageRegina only requires a working sage installation and, on Mac OS X, the xcode command line tools. All libraries that regina depends on are either part of sage or included in sageRegina. sageRegina does not provide regina's GUI. Its installation is modeled after that of SnapPy. The license of regina applies.


How do I test that the installation worked?

You can check that sage is picking up the intended version and not an old one by typing inside sage
    sage: import regina.sageRegina; regina.sageRegina.version

You can also run the python part of regina's testsuite by typing
    sage: import regina.sageRegina; regina.sageRegina.runTests()

How do I install the xcode command line tools (Mac OS X)?

xcode is available for free through the AppStore. Once you have installed xcode, type the following to make the xcode command line tools available:
    xcode-select --install

Platforms tested

Please report the results if you tried it out on other platforms to Matthias Goerner (enischte at gmail dot com). Older OS versions

In case the installation did not work...

Check whether the error you found is described on the troubleshooting page.

If not, please send an email to Matthias Goerner (enischte at gmail dot com) that includes the reginaInstall.log file and basic information about your system returned by the commands:
   uname -a
   sage --version
   sage -sh -c "which gcc; gcc --version"
   sage -sh -c "which as; echo | as --version"

If this is an issue with regina itself, rather the install script of sageRegina, please contact the original authors.

Where can I find the source code for sageRegina?

Here is the source code for the python packaging and for regina.